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About Us/FAQ


Prairie Chocolate is an online artisan chocolate shop and studio locally owned and operated in Dauphin, Manitoba.

Making chocolate is my passion - just as playing music, painting or writing a book are passions for others. The end results of all of these things make other people happier in one way or another.

A single small bonbon made of the finest chocolate and freshest ingredients can give a lot: delight, relaxation, a great mood, a smile, you name it. It will help create an atmosphere you would want and need.

Artisan Chocolates. Prairie Chocolate
Artisan chocolates


It is a perfect companion for your morning or afternoon hot drink or an evening indulgence treat. It's a perfect gift for any occasion and a very meaningful way to express your feelings or to deliver your message.

Every piece of Prairie Chocolates has its spirit, be it in appearance or taste. Made of dark, milk and white Belgian and French chocolate, they also hold a touch of my own passion and love.


When making my creations, not only do I make sure to select international brands that supply sustainably sourced ingredients, I also purchase from local suppliers and sources.

All chocolates I make contain high quality, fresh ingredients and are preservative-free.

Whether you want to treat yourself and make your day brighter, share sweet moments with friends and family, or make a perfect gift, I will continue to do my best to make Prairie Chocolate your #1 choice.

Custom made chocolate
Owner of Prairie Chocolate
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