Try Prairie Caramels. We use our special recipes and carefully cook our caramels from the scratch using only fresh ingredients. Juicy "raspberry", mindblowing "dark forest", impressive "salty vanilla", and addictive "chocolate" will make a day for any caramel lover.


Box of 15 assorted Prairie Caramels. 


The "Happy Birthday" option is available!

We will include a "Gentle Raspberry" bonbon with a "Happy Birthday" print as centre chocolate.


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Available: October 25.

15 Prairie Caramels Available Oct.25

Order status: Preorder

Raspberry Caramel, Dark Forest Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Vanilla Salt Caramel.

The collection images may represent different chocolates to what will be included in the box. Please check the "Chocolates" page to see the appearance of the above-indicated chocolates.