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MNP Administrative Professional's Day Chocolates Collection


​Meet our collection of exquisite chocolates. Each of them is never repetitive and has its own individuality.  The variety of smooth fillings made of a unique combination of ingredients provides chocolate aficionados with an exceptional tasting experience.

Some of the chocolates contain alcohol, nuts or both and are marked as such below.


Melty Hazelnut

cof car.png

Coffee Caramel

Untitled design (1).png

P.B Melt

Untitled design (2).png

Minty Melt

Untitled design (5).png

Cherry Caramel Ganache

A super-smooth hazelnut filling that starts to melt from the first bite. Covered in milk chocolate with fruit notes to create mouthwatering taste.

Smooth combination of freshly roasted coffee, caramel and milk chocolate ganache.

A gentle combination of a smooth PB with milk chocolate to create a perfect sweetness and addictive smoothness. 

contains nuts

contains nuts

Luxuriously smooth and fresh mint chocolate filling covered in dark chocolate for an enticing taste experience.  

Morello Cherry Caramel ganache
Milk Chocolate

vegan friendly

vegan friendly

vegan friendly


Honey Praline

A delicate combination of honey, cream and hazelnut praline paired with milk chocolate.


Vanilla Salt Caramel

Handmade, butter caramel cooked with Madagascar vanilla beans and dipped into dark chocolate.  

contains nuts




The unique combination of In-house made vanilla caramel paired with raspberry, encasedin dark chocolate.


Dark Forest 

Cut in small pieces, gently roasted almonds and cashew mixed into the butter caramel and carefully dipped in milk chocolate. 

contains nuts

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